Univie goes India

The University of Vienna has established its first university wide partnership with a university in India. The agreement with the University of Delhi serves to foster scientific exchange and creates new possibilities for student and staff exchange as well as research collaboration between both universities.

The new partnership with the University of Delhi goes in line with the internationalisation strategy of the University of Vienna, which identifies Asia as a focus region.

The University of Delhi and the University of Vienna have been collaborating on different levels for many years, amongst others by sending outgoing students of "German as a foreign language" to the University of Delhi for an internship. The university wide agreement gives a new contractual basis to further strengthening the partnership between both universities.

University of Delhi

Established in 1922, the University of Delhi nowadays is one of the largest universities in India with 16 faculties, over 80 academic departments and an equal number of colleges. The University offers over 500 programmes for more than 200.000 students, covering a wide range of disciplines such as Social Sciences & Humanities, Commerce & Business Studies, Law, Mathematical Sciences & Natural Sciences, Music & Arts, Technology, as well as Medical Sciences.

The International Office of the University of Vienna supports cooperation activities with the University of Delhi through the following programs: Non-EU Student Exchange Program (Incoming and Outgoing Students), Non-EU Teaching Mobility (Incoming Teaching Staff)