Univ.-Prof. Nathanael Berestycki, PhD

Professur für Stochastik an der Fakultät für Mathematik

Curriculum Vitae:

2005-2007 Postdoctoral fellow, University of British Columbia & PIMS
2007-2012 Lecturer, University of Cambridge
since 2009 Fellow of King’s college, Cambridge
2009 EPSRC First grant
2011 EPSRC Programme grant, "New frontiers in Random Geometry"
2011 Plenary speaker at Stochastic Processes and Application
2012-2015 Reader in Probability, University of Cambridge
2012 1st recipient of Bernoulli Society Outstanding Expository Paper Prize
2013 ESF grant for "Geometry and Analysis of Random Processes"
2014 Early-career fellowship from EPSRC
2015-2018 Professor of Probability, University of Cambridge
since September 2018 Professor of Stochastic, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna

Research Areas:

Probability theory, geometry and analysis. More precisely: Brownian motion, random geometry, Liouville quantum gravity, Gaussian free field, SLE, dimer model, imaginary geometry, branching and coalescing systems and relation to partial differential equations, random walks on groups, mixing times.