Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Nadja Gernalzick

Professur für Anglistik und Amerikanistik an der Philologisch-Kulturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät

Curriculum Vitae:

1993 Master of Arts, General and Comparative Literature, "Subjectivity in Germanophone, Anglophone and Russophone Short Fiction since 1989," Mainz University
1998 PhD, American Literature and Culture, "Credit and Culture: Economy and Money with Jacques Derrida and in Postmodern American Literary Theory," Mainz University
2005 Habilitation, American Literature and Culture, "Temporality in American Filmic Autobiography," Mainz University
1998-2009 Senior Assistant and Lecturer, American Studies, Mainz University
Doctoral and postdoctoral studies and research at San Jose State University, California; Mainz University, Germany; Columbia University, New York. Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, York University, Toronto; Visiting Professor, American Studies, Oldenburg University; Visiting Professor, American Studies, University of Jena;
2009-2012 Professor, English Language, Literature, Culture and Didactics with a Specialization in American Studies, University of Education Karlsruhe
2012-2015 Professor, International Cultural Studies, Mannheim University
2015-2017 Founding Member and Member of the Board, Kulturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (KWG), Koblenz
2015-2017 Senior Lecturer, North American Literature and Culture, Literatures in English & Literary Theory, University of Bern, Switzerland
2017 Adjunct Faculty, Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies, Mainz University
2018-2020 Professor of English and American Studies, Department of English and American Studies, University of Vienna

Research Areas:

* Auto|Biography and Life Narratives
* Material and Food Cultures
* Economic Criticism
* Cultural Theory and Cultural Semiotics
* Postcolonial Theory, The Global South
* Planetarity and Transnationality
* Grammatology and Discourse Theory, Historical Semantics
* Media Philosophy, Automediality, Transmediality
* Cinematic Historiography
* Genre Theory