Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal

Professur für Zoologie mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Morphologie, Ökologie und Neurobiologie an der Fakultät für Lebenswissenschaften

Curriculum vitae:

born 1953 in Linz, Austria
1979 Masters of Science (Mag. Rer. nat), University of Salzburg
1981 Ph.D (Dr. rer. nat), University of Salzburg
1981-1989 Assistant Professor at the Institute of Zoology, University of  Salzburg
1984-1985 Visiting Scientist, Institute of Zoology, University of Arizona, Tucson
1987 Habilitation, University of Salzburg
1989-1990 Ass. Visiting Professor, University of Colorado, Health Sciences Centre, Denver/CO, USA
1990-2011 Associated Professor at the Department of Behavioural Biology, University of Vienna
since 1990 Director of the Konrad Lorenz Research Station (KLF) for ethology in Grünau, Austria
Visiting Professorships: University of North Carolina, Wilmington, USA; University of Leiden, Netherlands; University of Victoria, Brazil; University of Rennes, France;
since 2011 Professor (according to § 99 Abs. 3 UG 2002) of zoology with special consideration of morphology, ecology and neurobiology, Department of Behavioural Biology, University of Vienna

Research interests:

* human-animal relations
* science and society
* comparative social mechanisms and (social) cognition in vertebrates
* social complexity
* social physiology, notably stress management and hormones
* individual behavioural phenotype