Fig. 1: The nucleus of the diatom in bright blue


Long-standing marine mystery solved: How algae get nitrogen to grow

Newly discovered symbiosis between Rhizobia and diatoms could also open new avenues for agriculture

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Picture of two people who are sitting on a bench and working

Women from low socio-economic backgrounds see themselves as less talented

How distorted self-images carry a negative impact on chances of success

03.01.2024 | [weiter]

Picture of Pills

New research lays groundwork for personalised dietary supplements

New research reveals surprising diversity of gut bacteria responsive to inulin

14.12.2023 | [weiter]

Fig. 1:  Picture of a one-inch-diameter silicon substrate coated with a conventionally deposited interference coating.

In Search of the Perfect Mirror at Mid-Infrared Wavelengths

Advanced infrared mirrors enhance climate and biofuel research via precision trace gas sensing.

06.12.2023 | [weiter]

Fig. 1: View of the SuperMaMa laboratory at the University of Vienna.

Quantum physics: Superconducting Nanowires Detect Single Protein Ions

Detection efficiency 1,000 times higher than conventional ion detectors due to high sensitivity

04.12.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of three fossil flowers in black and white and of four present-day species in colour

Floral Time Travel: Flowers Were More Diverse 100 Million Years Ago Than They Are Today

Angiosperm flowers reached their greatest morphological diversity early in their evolutionary history

30.11.2023 | [weiter]

Fig. 1:  Image of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex.

When baby stars fledge

New method of age determination provides unexpected insights into the formation and drifting apart of young stars

23.11.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of a tree

Call for Action: The Power of Neuroscience to fight against Climate Change

Scientists develop new perspectives for leveraging brain sciences to combat global warming

13.11.2023 | [weiter]

Graduates of the University of Vienna strengthen our economy and society

Why investing in universities means investing in our society

23.10.2023 | [weiter]