Picture of three fossil flowers in black and white and of four present-day species in colour


Floral Time Travel: Flowers Were More Diverse 100 Million Years Ago Than They Are Today

Angiosperm flowers reached their greatest morphological diversity early in their evolutionary history

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Picture of the Baron Award winner Emanuel Tov

Emanuel Tov wins second Baron Award

For Scholarly Excellence in Research of the Jewish Experience

24.05.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of a patient, lying in the hospital, next to him two doctors

Covid-19 vaccination reduces mortality also in critically ill corona patients

A study from the University of Vienna shows a positive effect of vaccination even in patients requiring oxygen.

23.05.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of some representative comb jellies

Genetic research offers new perspective on the early evolution of animals

Mapping gene linkages provides clear-cut evidence for comb jellies as sibling group to all other animals

17.05.2023 | [weiter]

Frontal view of a shark's teeth. The lower row is formed by triangular, serrated teeth, the upper row by icicle-shaped teeth.

Jaw shapes of 90 shark species show: Evolution driven by habitat

Analysis using X-ray computed tomography and 3D reconstructions

16.05.2023 | [weiter]

Durch KI erstelltes Bild eines Teddy Bären, der den Mund aufgerissen hat und die Arme hoch hebt

Hoe vloek jy? How do you swear?

Study to investigate swearing and bilingualism in South Africa

12.05.2023 | [weiter]

Online art for real-world well-being

A new study brings us closer to understanding when and how viewing online paintings can impact our well-being.

02.05.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of the cylindrical container used in oceanography to collect water samples

Ocean ecosystem: Mixotrophic microorganisms play key role

Previously unknown group of bacteria in the deep sea regulates energy balance

25.04.2023 | [weiter]

5 graduates in the university ballroom with their freshly received diplomas.

ATRACK: Career entry and career paths of university graduates

Factsheets for 2023 on labour market status, industry affiliation and income development

13.04.2023 | [weiter]