Picture of three fossil flowers in black and white and of four present-day species in colour


Floral Time Travel: Flowers Were More Diverse 100 Million Years Ago Than They Are Today

Angiosperm flowers reached their greatest morphological diversity early in their evolutionary history

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graphic illustration of quantums

Exploring the foundations of the quantum world

Cluster of Excellence: Quantum Science Austria

14.08.2023 | [weiter]

Left: example of the human generated artwork; Right: example of the computer-generated artworks

People Experience Emotions with Computer-Generated Art

Human-made art gets more positive reviews

03.08.2023 | [weiter]

Figure of the crystal structure of the Kir2 potassium channel with incorporated acidic residues.

New Study Sheds Light on the gating mechanism of Ion Channels

Breakthrough achieved in elucidating the "gating" process of Kir2 potassium channels

01.08.2023 | [weiter]

Pic. 1: Grooming mountain gorillas

The genetic heritage of our extinct ancestors

Gene flow from an extinct gorilla population to eastern gorillas discovered

28.07.2023 | [weiter]

A dual carriageway for signals. One quadrature is transmitted in one direction, the other quadrature in the other direction.

Engineering dual carriageways for signals

New possibilities for controlling signal routing in quantum information processing

13.07.2023 | [weiter]

Artistic image of digital payments secured by quantum technology

Quantum physics secures digital payments

Scientists from the University of Vienna have now designed an unconditionally secure system for shopping in digital settings

04.07.2023 | [weiter]

Logo of Circle U.

UNIVIE celebrates: European Commission awards new funding for European University Alliance Circle U.

University of Vienna celebrates: European Commission awards new funding for European University Alliance Circle U.

03.07.2023 | [weiter]

University of Vienna improves QS ranking by 21 places

In its best ranking result so far, the University of Vienna is among the top 9% of all universities worldwide

28.06.2023 | [weiter]