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Artificial sweetener as wastewater tracer

New study by the University of Vienna shows what the sweetener acesulfame reveals about groundwater flows

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Archaeological Science as Game-Changer: What ancient genes tell us about who we are

Research at the University of Vienna could solve mystery of human evolution

02.06.2022 | [weiter]

Rendezvous at night – how moonlight fine-tunes animal reproduction

The study provides an explanation for the phenomenon that daily clocks from flies to humans can exhibit plastic run-times

01.06.2022 | [weiter]

Too much self-confidence can endanger health

Especially older people often overestimate their health

31.05.2022 | [weiter]

Mindfulness as a key to success in psychotherapy

New statistical method applied for the first time

20.05.2022 | [weiter]

Magnetic resonance makes the invisible visible

Hyperpolarised water boosts signal intensities of proteins, DNA, and membranes

18.05.2022 | [weiter]

How shark teeth can decipher evolutionary processes

Tooth shapes of the tiger shark: Already the embryo changes - and swallows - its teeth

12.05.2022 | [weiter]

Bolder marmoset monkeys learn faster than shy ones

Cognitive capabilities in marmoset monkeys are influenced by both their personality as well as family group membership

10.05.2022 | [weiter]

How our brain influences language change

Changes of speech sounds during the Middle Ages shed light on how we process language

05.05.2022 | [weiter]