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Fig. 1: Picture from complete fossils of Aellopobatis bavarica, the newly discovered species.

Rays were more diverse 150 million years ago than previously thought

New fossil ray species discovered in Bavarica, Germany: Aellopobatis bavarica from the Late Jurassic

21.03.2024 | [weiter]

Fig. 1: Colour-coded world map showing the relative error in the frequency of

Frequency of heat days systematically underestimated in many studies

Error in established calculation method discovered

19.03.2024 | [weiter]

Fig. 1: Immunofluorescence image of the expression of PHGDH (red) and CD3 T cells (green) in cryosectioned AE17 mesothelioma.

Immune system meets cancer: Checkpoint identified to fight solid tumors

Checkpoint PHDGH in tumor-associated macrophages influences immune response and tumor growth

27.02.2024 | [weiter]

Subarctic grassland in Iceland.

Global warming increases the diversity of active soil bacteria

New findings enable more accurate prediction of the carbon cycle

23.02.2024 | [weiter]

Fig. 1: Freediver descends between 3 juvenile humpback whales the size of buses.

Baleen whales evolved a unique larynx to communicate

The new results also make it clear that human noise in the oceans severely restricts the animals

21.02.2024 | [weiter]

Picture of people sitting on the grass

Nature is particularly beneficial for people on lower income

Regular time spent in nature is more beneficial to the well-being of poorer than richer people

07.02.2024 | [weiter]

Picture of two young men playing Video Games

Do violent video games numb us towards real violence?

Results of a neuroscientific study suggest that violence in video games has no negative influence on the empathy of adults

16.01.2024 | [weiter]

Picture of Xenon nanoclusters between two graphene layers, with sizes between two and ten atoms.

First Direct Imaging of Small Noble Gas Clusters at Room Temperature

Novel opportunities in quantum technology and condensed matter physics opened by noble gas atoms confined between graphene layers

11.01.2024 | [weiter]