Picture of three fossil flowers in black and white and of four present-day species in colour


Floral Time Travel: Flowers Were More Diverse 100 Million Years Ago Than They Are Today

Angiosperm flowers reached their greatest morphological diversity early in their evolutionary history

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Fig. 1: Fluorescence microscopy of Taurinivorans muris in pure culture

New gut microbe produces smelly toxic gas but protects against pathogens

Taurine-degrading bacteria influence intestinal microbiome

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Membrane-dependent proplatelet formation. Platelet-producing Megakaryocyte. Copyright: Oliver Borst, Tübingen.

Decoding Blood Platelet Production: The Intricate Role of Lipids

Disruptions in lipid metabolism might affect platelet production

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A student who is lying on the table with his head

Surprising study results: Students are bored during exams

Boredom has a negative effect on exam results

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Picture of a Laptop

Magnonic computing: Faster spin waves could make novel computing systems possible

Breakthrough in research on novel energy-efficient computer

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Sammelbild mit Portraitfotos aller 30 beteiligten Wissenschafter*innen.

Understanding the importance of microbiomes for planetary health

Cluster of Excellence "Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health"

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Golden statue of the last emperor of Byzanz

Discovering the "Eurasian Miracle"

Cluster of Excellence "Eurasian Transformations"

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photo of a windmill

New materials for climate neutrality

Cluster of Excellence Materials for Energy Conversion & Storage

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graphic illustration of Artificial Intelligence

Understanding and overcoming the crisis of the knowledge

Cluster of Excellence Knowledge in Crisis / Wissen in der Krise:

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