Picture of the seashore


Consistent link between the seaside and better health

15-country study confirms that people living near or visiting the seaside enjoy better health

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Portraitfoto von Manuela Ciotti

ERC Advanced Grant for scientist from the University of Vienna

Manuela Ciotti from the Faculty of Social Sciences receives award

30.03.2023 | [weiter]

People in a gallery, some standing, some sitting, some walking in front of a wall with abstract paintings.

How people move in front of an art work can impact their experience

The objective measurement of the ways in which people move in front of art shows that there are four different groups that also report different art experiences.

29.03.2023 | [weiter]

A couple with masks sitting on a park bench underneath a tree.

The key role of partners and children in pandemic prevention

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people with partners and children were more likely to adopt precautions and to get vaccinated

21.03.2023 | [weiter]

Gruppenfoto des Board of Directors des Clusters of Excellence "Microbes Drive Planetary Health"

Five Cluster of Excellence

Cluster of Excellence "Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health" awarded to the University of Vienna, also in all other clusters the University of Vienna has a prominent position

13.03.2023 | [weiter]

Sammelbild mit Portraitfotos aller 30 beteiligten Wissenschafter*innen.

How microbiomes are influencing our planet’s health

Cluster of Excellence "Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health"

13.03.2023 | [weiter]

Image of Mozart bending over a patient.

The Mozart effect myth: Listening to music does not help against epilepsy

A new study by psychologists at the University of Vienna shows that there is no scientific evidence supporting the alleged positive effect of Mozart's Sonata KV448 on epilepsy.

06.03.2023 | [weiter]

Fig. 1: Fossil of the Late Jurassic shark Protospinax annectans from Solnhofen and Eichstätt, Germany

Jurassic shark – Shark from the Jurassic period was already highly evolved

New phylogenetic tree provides new insights into the evolutionary history of sharks and rays

28.02.2023 | [weiter]

Abb. 1: KI-designed picture of a candy landscape

Artificial sweetener as wastewater tracer

New study by the University of Vienna shows what the sweetener acesulfame reveals about groundwater flows

08.02.2023 | [weiter]