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In the foreground two people with sunglasses looking into the camera, surrounded by icy sea. In the background a research vessel and, behind that, snow-covered mountains.

The Rise of Pelagic Fungi and their Crucial Role in Oceanic Ecosystems

Mycoplankton plays an active role in the degradation of organic matter and the cycling of nutrients

05.06.2023 | [weiter]

University of Vienna to lead new 4-year EU project on nature-based therapies

The goal is a collection of open-access Nature-based Therapy Guides for different stakeholders, practitioners and policy makers

01.06.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of the seashore

Consistent link between the seaside and better health

15-country study confirms that people living near or visiting the seaside enjoy better health

24.05.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of the Baron Award winner Emanuel Tov

Emanuel Tov wins second Baron Award

For Scholarly Excellence in Research of the Jewish Experience

24.05.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of a patient, lying in the hospital, next to him two doctors

Covid-19 vaccination reduces mortality also in critically ill corona patients

A study from the University of Vienna shows a positive effect of vaccination even in patients requiring oxygen.

23.05.2023 | [weiter]

Picture of some representative comb jellies

Genetic research offers new perspective on the early evolution of animals

Mapping gene linkages provides clear-cut evidence for comb jellies as sibling group to all other animals

17.05.2023 | [weiter]

Frontal view of a shark's teeth. The lower row is formed by triangular, serrated teeth, the upper row by icicle-shaped teeth.

Jaw shapes of 90 shark species show: Evolution driven by habitat

Analysis using X-ray computed tomography and 3D reconstructions

16.05.2023 | [weiter]

Durch KI erstelltes Bild eines Teddy Bären, der den Mund aufgerissen hat und die Arme hoch hebt

Hoe vloek jy? How do you swear?

Study to investigate swearing and bilingualism in South Africa

12.05.2023 | [weiter]