Fig. 1: The nucleus of the diatom in bright blue


Long-standing marine mystery solved: How algae get nitrogen to grow

Newly discovered symbiosis between Rhizobia and diatoms could also open new avenues for agriculture

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How shark teeth can decipher evolutionary processes

Tooth shapes of the tiger shark: Already the embryo changes - and swallows - its teeth

12.05.2022 | [weiter]

Bolder marmoset monkeys learn faster than shy ones

Cognitive capabilities in marmoset monkeys are influenced by both their personality as well as family group membership

10.05.2022 | [weiter]

How our brain influences language change

Changes of speech sounds during the Middle Ages shed light on how we process language

05.05.2022 | [weiter]

How octopuses and squid have broken away from the previously known pattern of evolution

The chromosomes of cephalopods differ greatly from those of any other group of animals

04.05.2022 | [weiter]

Sebastian Schütze

Sebastian Schütze has been elected as Rector of the University of Vienna

Sebastian Schütze could impress with his personality and competence and was unanimously elected by secret ballot

30.04.2022 | [weiter]

Prestigious HFSP grant goes to the University of Vienna for lipid research

Lipids are still "great unknowns" in synaptic transmission

29.03.2022 | [weiter]

Artificial neurons go quantum with photonic circuits

Quantum memristor as missing link between artificial intelligence and quantum computing

24.03.2022 | [weiter]

University of Vienna Main Building

University of Vienna stands with Ukraine

Statement of the university network CENTRAL on the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation

01.03.2022 | [weiter]