List of experts on Planetary Health

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10 experts from the University of Vienna who do research on the topic of Planetary Health

The topic of "Planetary Health" is considered by experts at the University of Vienna across all research fields. Here we introduce 10 scientists from ecology and chemistry, psychology, social and behavioural research and German studies.

Ecology & Chemistry

Thilo Hofmann (contact, homepage) – Environmental Geosciences

Environmental pollutants: microplastics, nanomaterials. Solutions for the most urgent environmental problems of today and tomorrow. Research Platform Plastics in the Environment and Society, Climate Hub

Christina Kaiser (contact, homepage) – Terrestrial Ecosystem Research

Microbial communities as complex systems: material cycles in the soil (especially C and N). Computer modelling and isotope label measurements. Member of the Board of Directors of the FWF Cluster of Excellence "Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health": Role of Microorganisms in Planetary Health.

Michael Wagner (contact, homepage) – Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science

Nitrifying Microorganisms: Identity and function of non-cultured ammonium-oxidising bacteria and archaea. Development of single cell methods (NanoSIMS). Head of the FWF Cluster of Excellence "Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health": Role of Microorganisms in Planetary Health.

Benedikt Warth (contact, homepage) – Food Chemistry and Toxicology

Effects of food and environmental molecules on human health: exposure, metabolism and toxicity of food and active substances. Next-generation human biomonitoring

Society & Language

Ulrike Felt (contact, homepage) – Science and Technology Studies

Science, Technology and Society: Participation and Governance of Science/Technology in Democratic Societies and Science Communication. ERC Advanced Grant Innovation Residues: Innovation residues that accompany people's lives for a long time.

Eva Horn (contact, homepage) – Modern German Literature

Anthropocene: Narratives of catastrophe, conceptualisations of climate.

Janina Kehr (contact, homepage) – Medical Anthropology and Global Health

Health, economy and ecology: Ecological footprint in the production of medicines, our health behaviour, a look at antibiotic-producing countries

Patrick Sakdapolrak (contact, homepage) – Population Geography and Demography

Population dynamics in the context of environmental changes and development processes. Resilience of populations at the nexus of social and ecological risks. Sustainable development and the improvement of the livelihood of vulnerable groups.

Behaviour & Psychology

Tilman Kühn (contact, homepage) – Public Health and Nutrition

Nutrition under the impact of climate and environmental crisis: primary prevention of diet-related diseases, plant-based nutrition

Sabine Pahl (contact, homepage) – Urban and Environmental Psychology

Perceptions and behavioural changes: Protection of the marine environment, marine litter and microplastics, and energy efficiency.

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