Fig. 1: The nucleus of the diatom in bright blue


Long-standing marine mystery solved: How algae get nitrogen to grow

Newly discovered symbiosis between Rhizobia and diatoms could also open new avenues for agriculture

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Abb.1: Microscope image of the bacterium

Caterpillar-like bacteria crawling in our mouth

Evolution of longitudinal division and multicellularity in oral bacteria

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Prymnesium parvum from the Oder near Hohenwutzen

Suspicion confirmed: algal toxin produced by brackish water species detected in Oder water

Scientists from the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) and the University of Vienna think that natural causes for the mass development of the algae are unlikely

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Dennis Kurzbach and Ludovica M. Epasto in front of the hyperpolarisation device.

Pimp my Spec: Upgrade for Magnetic Resonance Methods with a 1,000-fold Amplifier

Atomistically accurate description of proteins at native concentrations can help to better understand the process of cell proliferation to tumour growth

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Abb. 1:  (a) Illustration of the dye adsorption mechanism on bulk COF and ultrathin COF. Bulk COF only allows dyes with a molecular size much smaller than the pore size to enter the COF channels, while ultrathin COF provides maximum adsorption site exposure, resulting in high uptake for various dyes. (b) Comparison of equilibrium times and maximum adsorption capacities (qm) of bulk COF and ultrathin COF for Rhodamine B. (© Changxia Li, Freddy Kleitz et al.)

Nano-sponges with potential for rapid wastewater treatment

Composite material of COF and graphene shows high and rapid adsorption capacity for organic pollutants

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300,000 RNA molecules bound in glass plate

Progress in bioanalytics: Production of RNA chips significantly simplified

RNA chips can contribute to the exploration of new methods to diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer

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Woman standing on the street and speaking into a megaphone

Higher voice pitch lets female faces appear younger

With the new research findings, existing evolutionary psychological concepts may need to be reconsidered

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Man sits on a chair and looks into his phone

Online art viewing can improve well-being

Effects are similar to those of visits to physical art galleries or even nature experiences

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