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Anton Zeilinger working on an experiment

Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Anton Zeilinger

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the Austrian quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger (77), Emeritus Professor at the University of Vienna. This was announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Tuesday, 4 October 2022, in Stockholm. The Nobel Prize was jointly awarded to...

04.10.2022 | [weiter]

Sebastian Schütze, the new Rector of the University of Vienna, delivering his festive inaugural speech.

Festive inauguration of Sebastian Schütze

Rector's sceptre and Rector's collar passed to new Rector

03.10.2022 | [weiter]

Photograph of the new Rectorate team of the University of Vienna (from left to right) Regina Hitzenberger, Christa Schnabl, Sebastian Schütze, Manuela Baccarini, Ronald Maier

New Rectorate of the University of Vienna from 1 October 2022 onwards

Monday, 3 October, 11:00; festive inauguration

30.09.2022 | [weiter]

Abb. 1: Recent experiments at the University of Vienna show that light (red) can be used to arbitrarily shape electron beams (yellow), opening new possibilities in electron microscopy and metrology. ©, University of Vienna

New light for shaping electron beams

Adaptive imaging technique for materials science and structural biology

29.09.2022 | [weiter]

A woman touches a man with a sad look on his face on the shoulder and comforts him

People who feel less pain are also less willing to help others

An experimental study using placebo painkillers shows for the first time a direct link between one's own perception of pain, empathy and willingness to help others

28.09.2022 | [weiter]

Fig. 1 : Cross-section through a tentacle of a transgenic sea anemone showing differentiation products of the SoxC cell population (magenta) and retractor muscles (yellow).

Old genes keep sea anemones forever young

Highly conserved genes ensure lifelong differentiation of neurons and glandular cells in sea anemones

20.09.2022 | [weiter]

The moon sets on the sea

Circalunar clocks: using the right light

A light-sensitive molecule helps marine animals synchronize their reproductive cycle.

08.09.2022 | [weiter]

A man sitting in front of a multi-screen computer terminal

University of Vienna launches first online-accessible photonic quantum hardware in Europe

"PhotonQ" offers free access to research hardware for photonic quantum computing through an intuitive web interface

07.09.2022 | [weiter]