Press Service

You have published exciting research results or are planning an event related to the University? Our press team is your first point of contact and is happy to support you with mailings sent out on the occasion of your latest publication (peer-reviewed, results from FWF or EU projects) and academic conferences or events that take place on behalf of your Department/Faculty/Centre.

What we need from you

For this purpose, we need a text template (approx. 1 DIN A4  page). Please contact presse(at) with details about your publication or event before you write a text template. We will get back to you and let you know how to proceed. For publications, this template should, for instance, include the following information:
  • content of the publication
  • contextualisation of the results and
  • description of the results' relevance for society
  • short summary of the academics involved and their research interests
On the basis of this text, the press team drafts the press release. Of course, we will issue the final text only once you have approved it.

How to write the text template

  1. The title is concise and highlights the fundamental results.
  2. The lead contains all the basic information. It provides answers to the following questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?
  3. The text includes the relevant details. The text starts with the main information and ends with details that are of less importance.
  4. Please use short and clear sentences instead of complex sentences or technical and foreign-language terms.
  5. Personal details of the academic who may be contacted should comprise the name of the responsible person, his/her address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information is required so that journalists know who to contact in case of questions. Thus, the contact person has to be available by phone on the day the mailing is sent out.

We help you reach out to your target audience

The Corporate Communications unit maintains a database which is continuously updated and contains several hundred media representatives. We select the recipients of each mailing in accordance with your topic. This ensures that your press release is always sent out to the intended target audience.
Please do not hand out the final press document to journalists prior to the specified dissemination date and always contact us in case of relevant press inquiries occurring before that.

 Press releases

Frau schreibt auf einer Tafel, zwei anderen sehen zu ihr

*mit.sprache.teil.haben – Internationale Tagung der Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrer 2022 an der Universität Wien

Unter dem Motto *mit.sprache.teil.haben widmet sich die Tagung der Bedeutung des Lehrens und Lernens von Sprachen für die Teilhabe in einer mehrsprachigen Gesellschaft

07.06.2022 | [weiter]

Susan Gasser

Krebsforscherin Susan Gasser hält Hans Tuppy-Lecture

Vortrag: "Remembering who we are: how chromatin controls cell identity"

03.06.2022 | [weiter]

Yoni on orange

Symposium zum Verhältnis von Religionen und Sexualität

Vorträge und Diskussionen zum Thema Sexuelle Gewalt sowie Sexualität und Erotik

03.06.2022 | [weiter]

Archaeological Science as Game-Changer: What ancient genes tell us about who we are

Research at the University of Vienna could solve mystery of human evolution

02.06.2022 | [weiter]

Wie Mondlicht die Fortpflanzung von Tieren beeinflusst

Wissenschafter*innen liefern eine Erklärung für das Phänomen, dass Tagesrhythmen – von Fliegen bis zum Menschen – vom 24-Stunden Rhythmus abweichen können

01.06.2022 | [weiter]

Rendezvous at night – how moonlight fine-tunes animal reproduction

The study provides an explanation for the phenomenon that daily clocks from flies to humans can exhibit plastic run-times

01.06.2022 | [weiter]

Symbolbild Supercomputer

Supercomputer VSC-5: Top-Platzierung schon vor Fertigstellung

Der "Vienna Scientific Cluster 5", ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt mehrerer Universitäten, reiht sich bereits vor der Fertigstellung in die Gruppe der schnellsten Supercomputer weltweit ein.

31.05.2022 | [weiter]

Preise und Auszeichnungen im Mai 2022

Die Universität Wien gratuliert den Mitarbeiter*innen und Studierenden, die für ihre wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten und Leistungen ausgezeichnet wurden. Lesen Sie hier einen Überblick über aktuelle Ehrungen und Preisverleihungen.

31.05.2022 | [weiter]